AiXense: The leading AI Cloud Managed Surveillance Platform

Intelligent Surveillance System for the modern enterprise

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Simple. Easy setup with no network configuration. Camera come online and configure in minutes.

Secure. Secure by design with 2-factor authentication. Always up-to-date. Robust encryption.

Smart. AI-based object detection and analytics, with insights and alerts via SMS, email and push notifications.

Scalable. Add as many cameras as you want, from ten to thousands. Place them anywhere, manage in one place.

Modern User Experience

AiXense makes it very easy to monitor your cameras real-time from your browser, no matter where you or cameras are. It’s designed using the latest web technologies so it works just like all the popular web applications you use everyday.

Deploy anywhere, quickly

AiXense is super easy to set up in minutes. There is no complicated network settings, no NVRs, DVRs or separate software or system required, just a PoE connection.

Instant playback of Live and Recorded video

With AiXense, you can monitor any number of cameras anywhere in the world. Accessing any camera's live video or all the recorded history makes it powerful for organizations of any sizes.

Security and Privacy by design

AiXense encrypts all communications using the bank-level security to ensure the highest security. In addition, automatic software updates guarantee system security and prevent disruptions of service.

Future proof. Infinite Scalabiity

There is no limitation on the number of cameras, locations, and users. One camera or thousands, single location or multiple-sites, anywhere in the world. AiXense scales as you scale.