How it Works

AiXense is built on the latest AI, cloud, and edge computing technologies to deliver a smart, cost-effective, fully scalable, and real-time video security solution

AiXense Cameras

AiXense’s camera delivers enterprise-grade security in a wide range of options for any indoor or outdoor environment, including image resolutions up to ultra-HD 4k. Each camera features a rugged, vandal-resistant design, simple installation, with advanced AI-based people and vehicle insights.

All AiXense cameras work out-of-the-box without any additional downloads or configurations. With standard features like end-to-end encryption, onboard storage, and advanced motion-based insights.

AiXense Cloud Service

The AiXense cloud service keeps track of all the AiXense cameras connected to the system and orchestrates seamless data exchange from the camera to the users to deliver great end user experience.

A very low-bandwidth (30 kbit/s) video stream is received from each camera and securely stored in the cloud. This is used to provide powerful ways for users to quickly browse through large amounts of recorded video as well as for input to the AI-based data analytics.

The cloud service also provides automatic software updates to the AiXense cameras.

User Experience

The AiXense client is a web application running inside of your web browser giving you access to all the AiXense features: a centralized management for seamless access anywhere.

No training required to access footage and features