Use Cases

AiXense helps many organizations across diverse sectors by bringing AI-based smart monitoring solutions

Public Sector

The AiXense security system is ideal for community needs such as vehicular and pedestrian traffic cameras. It provides real-time, city-wide traffic information, which can improve road conditions, inform traffic re-directs and cut down on commute times. Other public services include fire prevention and natural disaster relief


AiXense is the solution to security headaches in transaction-based workplaces. The AiXense system is designed for easy installation with no wiring or complicated network setup configurations. We provide the ideal monitoring system of multiple sites or stores and an easily accessible dashboard for administrator control. Ensure your business is safe and gain peace of mind with an AiXense cloud surveillance system.

Energy Sector

The oil and gas industry operates a large number of high-value assets across a wide geographical area, often in remote locations. For companies in need of visual asset management ease of operations is critical. AiXense provides real-time visual monitoring capabilities that scale to the size of your business.

We have experience working with customers to deliver custom notification-based intelligent security systems that report on specific events with purpose-built AI. AiXense cloud surveillance system increases worker safety and is a trusted name in asset management.


Secure monitoring of construction sites is often an expensive and challenging endeavor.

Valuable machinery and tooling require the safeguarding that AiXense provides. AiXense will quickly install multi-view cameras across a large site or sites (indoor and outdoor) and you will gain instantaneous flexible monitoring from a single dashboard. Construction management is customer management. Protect your customer expectations with a robust and intelligent surveillance system.