Easy and Quick navigation

AiXense enables you to navigate between different cameras very quickly and help you to find the moment of your interests. The powerful yet simple camera tree view combined with calendar/history thumbnails allows you to manage large number of cameras and jump back and forth in time.

Live view from anywhere

With AiXense you have access to any of your camera's live video feeds anywhere in the world straight from your web browser. No complicated and potentially insecure network setups are needed.

AI-Powered Object Detection

Using the latest AI/Computer vision technologies, AiXense can detect some common objects such as people, cars and bicycles. But this is just a beginning. With automatic software updates, AiXense will get even smarter overtime to help you find things and events of your interest more efficiently and quickly.

Archive and Share

Archive allows you to store selected duration of your video in order to keep things and easier to find them afterwards. The video can then be downloaded as MP4 video and shared with others.

Powerful User Management and Access Control

Modern enterprise organization can be quite complex with different layers and people with various degrees of responsibilities. It can also be dynamic. With AiXense, you can quickly create a new user account and assign or reassign roles to give each users different access rights.

Deploy Anywhere

Monitoring remote locations is now very easy. AiXense cameras deliver the same experience all across your organization no matter where those cameras are located across the globe.